INSOUT, 2021


Videoperformance, 438 seconds

presented by ZeroTV, 2021


Like a semitransparent membrane, covering foil borders a room within the room with a 1,5-2 meters distance to the wall.

The being behind, dressed in black, remains vague, a blurred abstraction into monochrome, a choreopgraphy of isolation in 438 seconds. 

Every movement stands for a day – 438 days.

This is the period since the frst lockdown, which for Gabrielle Zimmermann started on 15. March 2020 in France, until 28. May 2021 (the day of the online premiere).

The title refers to the “inside – outside”. 

The performance is deliberately only to experience on video, the medium which became a characteristic of singling during the last year.

Also the sounds in the room can only be perceived in distance, through the flters of their digital manipulation. 

An “audiovisual poesy of isolation” emerges. 

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outsin, 2021

Window installation, 2021

toffifee-packaging, thread, needles, wire leader, swivels, brass wire, survival blanket


fenster 103, Stuttgart


*the sound is generated by (modulated) noises created with the packaging material + combined with field recordings of the mediterranean sea. The visitors were invited to bring their own headphones, scan the qr-code and listen to the 'score' to complete the work