07. - 15.02.2020

Oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart

Eröffnung 7. Februar 2020, 19 Uhr

Opening February 7th, 2020, 7 p.m.

Ich freue mich, Teil dieses Projektes zu sein:

Happy to be part of the project


which has been curated by Gene Gort and Ken Steen from an international call for entries and includes seasoned veterans and young producers. It is a collection of 60 video clips and 60 sound compositions that are 60 seconds in duration each, and are paired randomly using a Cageian model of indeterminacy with 3600 potential variations.

The project has three iterations; a video screening event, an installation for gallery presentation and this website.

For the screening event, to engage in the random activity, audience members select one number each from a video- and audio-designated list as they enter the venue. These numbers determine the evening's program of 60 works resulting in a 60-minute screening.

For the gallery installation, a computer with media projection and stereo sound is loaded with all the files and users select random or specific pairings for playback.

The website, designed and programmed by Tim Lawless, similarly has a random generator scripted into the site and visitors can randomize the pairings or determine the pairings specifically as well.

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