entre medias (stage one), AADK spain, 2017


The very particular beauty of Blanca´s landscape highlights the importance of water as a source of life. The desert becomes green as the river passes through, surrounded by orchards which provide not only beauty but also an economic base for the area.


Zimmermann, who often tries to understand a society through its waste, finds in the plastic water bottle a reflection of one of society’s many paradoxes. While the water itself is a major part of our daily requirements, and lacking access to it can easily become a life-threatening issue, the mass-consumption of bottled water creates enormous pollution through its fabrication and in turn leaves behind a huge amount of waste.


During the month of her stay, Gabrielle built a collection of plastic bottles consumed by the residents and arranged them into an interactive installation. The piece reacts to the wind and the intervention of the audiences' bodies.

Playing with the beauty of the plastic forms as if they were pieces of shining jewelry, the natural element remains through its absence - reinforced by the presence of the mountain in the space and the audio.

"Entre Medias (First Stage)" places us between the natural and the artificial, the essential and the residual, the thoughtful and the playful, the beauty and the horror.


(Elena Azzedin

English Translation: Harry Bullen)




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